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Authentic XP - RuneScape 3 Clan - Notes & Events Thread

Elite IV

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Authentic XP

Gielinors Veteran Community / Clan


1. of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine.

Authentic XP is a RS3 Clan focused on XP gaining and PVE (Questing & Bossing).
Loyalty | Integrity | Honor

1. Oceanic Based
2. No compulsory events
3. No requirements
4. Community
5. Social
6. All skills
7. Questing


Welcome to Authentic XP!
We Social, Skill, Quest, PVM & Tree Together! No Compulsory Events or Requirements!

Current Rank: 5066
Page: 254



Authentic XP's Ranking System:

Stages refers to group types in our clan. Different stages in the clan offer different roles & responsibilities.
Although our clan is more social and kick-back, We don't through any compulsory events.


Stage 1 Clan Member:

Corporal: 10m XP

Sergeant: 50m XP

Stage 2 Clan Member:

Lieutenant: 100m XP

Captain: 200m XP

General: 300m XP

Stage 3 Clan Member:

Admin: 10 Recruits & 500m XP

Organizer: 15 Recruits & 700m XP

Stage 4:

Coordinator: 20 Recruits & 1000m+ XP 

Overseer: 30 Recruits, 2000m+ XP & 3 Years

Deputy Owner: 50 Recruits, 3000m+ XP & 5 Years




Authentic XP's Wilderness Warbands Events:


We host a warbands event for getting XP. Please go from top to bottom of this checklist to make sure for every run you do with us you meet the requirements.


PVP Gear (preferably T70+)

We only use Range or Magic. Melee is not recommended at all.

for Range Loadout:

Royal dragonhide coif

Royal dragonhide body

Royal dragonhide chaps

Zaryte Bow or Dark Bow



for Magic Loadout:

Batwing Hood

Batwing torso

Batwing legs

Batwing gloves

Batwing boots

Chaotic Staff or Polypore Staff


You must create a preset for the Authentic XP's warbands event, This will help when switching worlds.

Food (Shark to Sailfish) / Pots (Super Restore, Prayer and Overload if possible) and a familiar if possible (Terror bird, War Tortoise or Pak Yak).

Need to be on Discord! You don't need a mic but you need to listen to the event's master. If you do not know who the event's master is, please ask the question in Clan Chat. The event's master is always changing and is usually only a ranked clan member that is hosting it.



Remember, we do not recommend going into the wilderness at all with any wealth!!! Only bring items you're willing to lose. This is your only warning. You can use a "Protect 1 Item" prayer ability to save one weapon or the highest value item you have but this option can be disabled by other pkers so you must be careful.

Woodcutting level is very suggested for making the "Waka" to get into the wilderness. It's the quickest way to get to the 2 multi-way warbands area.

You can gain 100k XP of any skill if you're 90+ in that skill, for anything less you'll get a percentage adjusted to your level in that skill.

You can only loot 25 supplies from a tent per world and you can only do 3 events in 1 day until reset. ALTHOUGH you can PK someone for their gathered supplies and gain extra uncounted XP from those PK'ed supplies.

You cannot multi-way combat in "DWF" (Dark Warriors Fortress Area) as it's low wilderness level.

You'll be skulled as soon as you loot the tent! Be mindful of this!

The worlds are called in Discord Voice Chat! This is to help keep us discreet from the bigger warbands FC that are also out to PK opposing D&D users.


DWF = Dark Warriors Fortress

Run to KBD entrance near Edgeville lodestone and wait at the wall until event master says go. - Follow event master and do not run far!



RDI = South of Red Dragon Isle

Chop a waka near the G.E shortcut and head to wilderness when event master says go. - Follow event master and do not run far!


ELM = East of Lava Maze

Chop a waka near the G.E shortcut and head to wilderness when event master says go. - Follow event master and do not run far!





Authentic XP's Clan Citadel:

We have a clan citadel where you can gain xp from a plot and help the clan achieve bonus XP for the clan avatar and to have a nice private haven for all clan members.


Cap 1000 Resources per week at the clan citadel

How to get there?
Teleport to Falador lodestone and head south to the "Clan Camp" that's marked on the map.


if you own a clan vexillum you can teleport with that by right-clicking it in your inventory.


If you don't own a clan vex, you can get one from one of the NPC's standing around the clan camp.

Find the big blue globe and click on it, you'll be teleported to the clan citadel. Find a plot you want to do and farm 1000 resources.


Find the avatar habitat and right click him to set a boost/perk - Click on double resources gathered, you'll be able to cap at the citadel much quicker. Don't forget to set it to more xp when you're done to claim your bonus!


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