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These rules listed below are rules for within XtG Community. These rules are also server wide-spread and are in affect on both voice and game servers. For specific rules of a game or voice server, please view the "Rules Section" and find the rules post you're looking for.

All servers will have a #1 rule and that is to follow community rules that are written below here.


1: No immature or excessive trolling.

2: No racism.

3: No in-real life threats.

4: Staff always have final say.

5: No spamming of any kind (Posting, Mic Spam, etc).

6: No cheating of any kind or use of 3rd party programs that give an unfair advantage in-game. (Macros) Programmable keys on mouses and keyboards are not considered cheating and is accepted.

7: No sexual harassment.

8: No scamming of any kind.

9: No advertising of other communities, clans or 3rd party groups.

10: All XtG Community Members must have the clan tag on all their gaming profiles & accounts.

Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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