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XtG's Altis Life RPG Server - Master Thread

Elite IV

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Welcome to XtG Community's Altis Life RPG Server.

We're the #1 Server in Oceanic Region for RPG in Arma 3. This is a master thread for people who would like to see what this server offers and also as a reference for existing players to remind them what we have and how to perform the task/action.


This thread will constantly be updated with new or removed features overtime, so bookmark this tab if you're a regular on our server! This thread is everything you need when playing on our server.


Important Links:

Server Rules

Police Whitelisting

Medic Whitelisting


We have everything the Altis Life RPG 5.0 Framework has offer (like gangs, bank system, licenses, shops, fuel station interaction, drop point missions and resource fields) and more. The list below is our additional content and changes.


Server Content:


Every Faction:

Absolute Custom Map Layout - We've refactored the entire Altis Life RPG 5.0 Framework to give you a unique experience on our server.

Quality Server Performance - Arma demands a decent amount of resources, we've allocated a HPDS and optimized the mission file for a smoother gameplay.

Persistent Player & Vehicle Saving - Your player and vehicle items will save upon logging out and server restarts. Vehicle damage and fuel is also saved.

Stamina Disabled - We've disabled stamina on our server, like all RPG server should have disabled.

Player Battery & Toilet - You must keep your battery topped up to use your phone, this can also get taken off you from robbers and cops. The toilet system makes the player need to piss and shit, this doesn't affect gameplay but more just for role-play.

Custom Dialogs and GUIs - Expect most of our dialogs and popups/GUIs to be custom made from our development team.

Proper Disabled Side & Global Voice Channels - Some servers can't get it right when it comes to disabled these voice channels. We got it right., so we don't have to punish players with scripts if they speak in side or global voice chat.

Server Status Bar - Easily see the amount of players online in each faction, server uptime, your gridref and FPS.

Introduction Loading Camera and Music - We have the loading camera and music that most other servers have, you can disable this in player settings menu.

Vehicle Damage to Players Disabled - You won't be killed if you're run over with a vehicle on our server.

Esc Menu Hotlink Icons - Need to quickly get to server rules and other important links? Press ESC and you will see icons you can click on to take you straight there.

Sitting on Chairs - You can sit on chairs on our server, Socialize with your friends while sitting at a picnic table.

igiLoad System - We've added the igiLoad System to our server so you can transport other vehicles in vehicles.

Color Corrections - We've added color corrections to our server so the view will be a little nicer. More HD more Sharp.

Vehicle Seatbelt - Take less damage when you lose control of your vehicle and crash.

Persistent Player Skills & Leveling System with Unlockable Perks - Level your character up and unlock the ability to do more rewarding tasks and jobs.

Weather System - On some missions the weather doesn't change, on ours it's dynamic! expect heavy raining and storms.

Custom SFX for Player Actions and Vehicles - We've taken the time to find our own sound effects for our server.

Longer Days, Faster Nights - Our days are longer and the nights are quick.

Vehicle Indicators - Make sure to use them indicators while turning when in a vehicle.

Animations Menu - Perform player animations like peeing and waving, this emote system can give you some funny role-play scenarios.

Ear Plugs - Can't stand the noise of Arma? Why no damper the noise with the in-game ear plugs.

Drag, Drop and Load Downed Players - You can now drag, drop or load your friend or enemy in a vehicle when they are downed.

Radioactive Areas - Some areas that contain valuable goods are radioactive, You'll need special clothing to go in these areas unharmed.

Headshots are actually fatal - You can't be revived if you're shot in the head. A new life it is.

Scroll Wheel Pickup Money - Instead of having to precisely look at money on the ground and pressing windows key, you can now just scroll wheel near it to pick it up.

Hide Map Markers - You can toggle showing and hiding map markers of any group on the map to allow you to find your location easier.

Discord Server Messages - Join our discord servers and manage notifications to our server broadcasts messages to know what's going on in the server when you're away.


Civilian Faction:

Persistent Dynamic Economy System - Economy system affects all income, this saves on server restarts. Resources also go up automatically 25% of their max value every hour.

Capturable Gang Hideouts with their own drug processor - Capture a hideout and claim it with your gang and own a drug processor.

Jobs & Mission System - Become an Uber driver or a cook at a restaurant or even deliver stuff as a logistics worker

Custom Vehicle Skins - We have several custom vehicle skins to pick from when choosing to purchase your next vehicle.

Advanced Rebel Base - We have an advanced rebel base with it's own license to get higher tier weapons! The only catch is that it's located in a KOS area.

More Air Shops & Garages - We've added more around major cities so you can get in the air easier.

Bus Transportation - Get around to every major city for free using public transport.

Realistic Farming - Instead of collecting resources in mid-air, now you must physically go to an object and collect from there, the object also depletes to and regenerates.

Robbable Missions - Fuel Stations, Art Gallery, Reserve Bank of Altis, Weapons Manufacturer Factory, Weapons Armoury, Convoy Missions and Pharmacy's are all robbable missions players can do.

Many Legal and Illegal Resources - We've taken the time to implement many resources for players to choose from when making money. See them on the server.

Crafting System - Some items are not buyable, so it's up to you to gather certain resources to craft the more rewarding items.

Minigames - Go sky diving, cause why not or race your friends in your own vehicle for a wager.

Easter Eggs - There are a few in the game, find out what they are and in the future they will unlock achievements on your player.

Steal Kidneys - You can steal other players kidneys for money.

Force Feed, Xip Tie, Gag and Blindfold Players - You can do some pretty scary things to other players if you catch them lacking.

Show your Drivers License - This gives added role-play when a cop asks to see your drivers license. If you can't supply it, then you either don't have one or is hiding something.

Capture Police Checkpoints - You can capture police checkpoints to seize areas for illegal operations.

Grand Exchange / Auction System - Sell any item for any desired price to the public, These items are persistent and save on server restarts.

Security Storage Box - Use these in your home to prevent a few items from not being stolen or raided by cops.

Suicide Vest - You can only craft this and also, why would you want to kill yourself.

Custom Fishing & Turtle Hunting System - The fishing and turtle hunting system is different on our server and is much faster and rewarding. Give it a try.

Declaration System - Simply scroll wheel on another player from any distance (given you have binoculars or rangefinders) and you can declare on that player by sending him a message.

Show Player Details - View player details from any distance by scroll wheel on them.

Centrelink System - If your total wealth is under 500k, you can apply for centrelink which will give you money over time until you reach 500k again.



Police Faction:

Police Stat Tracker - View stats of other officers and their progress on the server.

Custom Player & Vehicle Textures (for Police) - We have a texture developer on our team which creates custom textures for our vehicles and players.

SRT Unit - We have a special response group in the police force to assist police in high level situations.

Polair Unit - We have a aviation unit in the police force to assist police with their air needs.

Invisible Backpacks - Backpacks are invisible so they're not in your way of your uniform.

Persistent Jail Times for criminals - Criminals sent to jail will have their custom jail time you submit to the database, they won't be getting off that easy.

Custom Bullhorn SFX for Vehicles - You can give warnings to pullover and clear out the area using bullhorn sounds while in a vehicle.

Multiple Sirens - Normal and Yelp Siren.

Placeable Items - Setup road blocks and warning signs for civilians.

Police Radar System - You can view the owner of the car and what speed it's going while in a vehicle and using the ANPR System.

Police C4 - You can use this to destroy illegal vehicles.

Call for Backup Button - Need assistance on the field, use the call for backup button and a map marker will spawn at your location.

Police Checkpoints - Police have 3 checkpoints around Altis, Capture these and make sure rebels don't so they cannot smuggle illegal items easily.

Private Transport - Use this to get to other police stations faster.

Illegal Area Monitor - There's a chance the police force is notified if someone has entered an illegal area like a drug field or a robbable mission.

In-Game Whitelisting - High rank police officers can promote and demote officers ingame rather than getting staff members to access the database.

Better Ticketing System - We have a more indepth ticketing system with a wide ranges of offences and balanced fines.


Medic Faction:

Invisible Backpacks - Backpacks are invisible so they're not in your way of your uniform.

Multiple Sirens - Normal and Yelp Siren.

Placeable Items - Setup road blocks and warning signs for civilians.

Morphine Pen System - Heal players with a morphine injection, they will heal over time and is carried in your virtual items inventory.

Panic Button - If you're in trouble, you can use your panic button for help from the police force. 

Private Transport - Use this to get to other hospitals faster.

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Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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On 7/16/2022 at 7:12 PM, wazcool said:

Thanks for making this server I am really enjoying it. Is the player housing system implemented? I bought the housing license but dont know what to do next 🙂


Hey! Welcome to the server glad to see you playing on XtG Altis Life RPG.


Yes the housing system currently is the default feature of the framework and works as it does on other Altis Life Servers. All you do once you buy the license is press windows key while standing inside of a house around the map, not all houses can be bought as some are already bought or some are not able to be bought. Buying a house is stored in the database and is persistent meaning it will save upon player log off and server restarts & maintenance.


Join our discord if you haven’t already! There’s people and staff there like myself who can help with any questions!

Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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