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Just a quick guide on how to hide map objects in Arma 3, in case you wanted to build a nice area on some ground but there's stuff around you don't want. This is a much cleaner way than having to put any init code on the actual mission scripting files, and also you can actually select an object you want to remove rather than objects that are near a marker.... Things go wrong when you tell a computer to do something on it's own.


1: Open Eden Editor and load your mission.sqm file that you want to delete the map objects on.

2: Now, we need to turn on Object ID's so we know what we're hiding. Open the map first and then press "~" or navigate to "Tools -> Debug Console" and put this in your debug console. (Remember, you need to have the map open for this.)

do3DENAction "ToggleMapIDs";

You will only see the object map ID's if you scroll into the map, Simply look at the object and then view the map to see if that's the closest object id number to it. Remember that number. We'll need it soon.

2: Search for something in the spawn table called "Game Logic". Should look like a blue icon with an eye once you place it on the map.

3: Place it on the object (on it or near it doesn't matter.) and put the following code into the initialization ->


(getPos this nearestObject OBJECTIDHERE) hideObject true;

Replace "OBJECTIDHERE" with the object id of the object you want to remove from the map. This was the number we found when we were in the map view mode.


Now when you save your mission.sqm and load it onto a server, the object should be hidden. For testing purposes you could temporarily spawn a playable character next to the object you've hidden to see if it has been hidden by the game engine.


Hope this helps yous, there's literally nothing on google about this....

Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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