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Elite IV

Arma 3 Update : Altis Life RPG - 0.A1

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Change Log - XtG Altis Life RPG
Once update 0.a2 is complete, the server will be opened to the public for players. Currently only XtG Members and Approved Alpha Testers have access to the server in its current state.

Pending Tasks:
No more pending tasks for 0.a1 -> Updates now continue onto 0.a2

Completed Tasks:
Patch 0.a1 -
* Started Refactor of Altis Life RPG Framework by Tonic (V4.4R / 5.0.0)
* Relocated all Map Markers & NPCS
* Added fancy map markers & legend to outer border of map
* Added new Infostand texture.
* Added new loading screen image.
* Completed code adjustment for player spawning.
* Updated farming resources marker variables.
* Added hospital buildings to map (Pyrgos & Sofia).
* Added gang hideout areas.
* Changed all NPC's into Infostands.
* Added all fuel stations to the map.
* Updated playable slots description.
* Completed Server Stability & Function Testing.


Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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