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Arma 3 Update: Altis Life RPG - 0.A2

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Change Log - XtG Altis Life RPG
Once this is completed, the server will be opened to the public for players. Currently only XtG Members and Approved Alpha Testers have access to the server in its current state.

Expected server release date: 18/July/2020

Completed Tasks:
Patch 0.a2 -
* Enabled logging systems.
* Civilians can now save weapons on them.
* Vehicles will now save virtual items inside their vehicles. (All factions)
* Vehicles will now save arma inventory inside their vehicles. (All factions)
* Vehicles will save fuel level when garaged or impounded.
* Vehicles will save damage when garaged.
* Players will drop their weapons on death.
* Disabled Arma 3 fatigue system.
* Respawn timer was changed from 30 seconds to 5 seconds.
* Creation of gangs has been changed from 75,000 to 100,000.
* Upgrading packages in gangs has been changed from 100,000 to 150,000.
* Players can now use the pump service on the map.
* Random server payments for factions have been increased. Civ 700, Med 900, Cop 100.
* Fixed ATM at North Rebel Outpost.
* Disabled simulation on all infostands.
* Completed Reserve Bank of Altis.
* Changed player starting cash to $50,000.
* Fixed cocaine item in drug dealers store not appearing.
* Locked upstairs door of jail cell.
* Completed Altis Correctional Centre
* Fixed rotation on upside-down map markers.
* Relocated a ATM machine that was in the middle of a road in Athira.
* Added automatic boomgates to locations that have boomgates.
* Made Altis Correctional Centre a trespassing zone.
* Enabled 3D vehicle store.
* Implemented XtG's 2017 Altis Life RPG HD UI Hud (Player Stats).
* Implemented iPhone battery feature.
* Implemented XtG's 2017 Altis Life RPG HD Player Menu Interface (Y-Menu).
* Implemented toilet feature.
* Implemented anti-side channel function.
* Made backpacks invisible for police and medic faction.
* Implemented XtG's 2017 Altis Life RPG HD server status bar.
* Implemented custom police skins for all police levels.
* Implemented intro loading screen & music.
* Disabled vehicle damage to players.
* Implemented XtG's 2017 Altis Life RPG HD Spawn Screen.
* Implemented dynamic market system.
* Implemented escape menu icon hotlinks.
* Improved Economy (Refactored prices of resource, items, vehicles and weapons)
* Updated vehicle stores and skins.
* Updated weapons stores.
* Updated clothing stores.
* Implemented Advanced Rebel base with license.
* Implemented persistent custom jail times for police.


Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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