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Few ideas and bugs

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First of all i would like to say i appreciate the effort the staff team and developers are putting into this server. these are just a few ideas and bugs i have found. i am sure the devs have already found or thought of these but just to be safe. (apologies for bad spelling or punctuation i currently have a broken hand)


  • Need more rebel outpost eg. Sofia, selakano, Rebel KOS Zone
  • Rebel KOS outpost (if put in) should be the only outpost to sell armored vehicles and high caliber weapons (Above 7.62).
  • Huron costs $360k to retrieve from garage should be lowered, cost of Huron should be raised from $1.6m to at least $3m, it is to easy to make money with it.
  • Ifrit only costs $150k should be atleast 750k so police dont get over run by 100 ifrits.
  • No striders? possibly a craftable item along with lynx and other high caliber weapons
  • M900 helo costs $975k humming bird costs $100k and orca costs $197k. These prices need to me smoothed out.
  • A fourth drug run should be added, with the processor being in rebel area EG. a Uranium or Meth run that pays at lowest $10k - $15k per processed drug. This run should be a four stage run to make it longer and more dangerous not the standard 3 stage run we have for pot, coke and heroin. Possible required clothing to be worn (hazmat suit) when processing or the player will die from radiation or toxins overtime.
  • A few closer legal runs added near kavala for new players
  • Insurance for vehicles, if blown up it will return in your garage unless seized by police, makes comping easier for admins also.
  • Helo garage to be added north rebel
  • Gang hideouts if controlled increase gangs paycheck by $1.5k, With money put in gangs bank which can be used to buy specific armored vehicles at gang hideouts
  • Need a whitelist app to be made for cop so i can apply!
  • 5 minute paycheck should be increased.
  • Starting money should be increased, maybe even set higher as a bonus for new players when server is ready then reduced again at a later date.
  • Let us rob Gas stations


  • Eating food does nothing
  • Pot prices ( wont disclose already mention to elite)
  • intro text when spawning in "Rules" has spelling/ grammar issues 
  • shelves at north rebel fall over and stop access to interactive sign
  • Soft logging causes food and water to say 0 or "any"
  • Can buy planes at air shop where there is no room to take off, should only be sold at airfields.

If there is anything i can help with please let me know im happy to lend a hand i have literal years of experience with server development and administration.

Thanks for taking the time to read,


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Hey @Akmal. ,


For all the suggestions, I've pinned them to our staff noticeboard to review and discuss. You will see most of these if not, all of the suggestions implemented in 0.a4 as 0.a3 update is nearly completed.

For all the bugs mentioned on your post, most of them are fixed in 0.a3 😄 but we're inspecting the


Soft logging causes food and water to say 0 or "any"

We're going to try and replicate this problem and find a solution to it.


Thank you so much for the feedback, this is greatly appreciate.

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Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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  • 1 year later...

Hey @Akmal.


I will be processing this entire report in the 0.a9 update with you. Please be online on Teamspeak when i message you on Steam!


As i wrote in 2020, most of these were fixed back in 0.a3 but i want to ensure everything is actually fixed in 0.a9!


Thanks again!

Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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