What is XtG Community AU/NZ ?

XtG Community AU/NZ is a oceanic region open gaming community uniting oceanic gamers. We aid a issue that occurs every now and then, That issue is trying to look for servers/lobbies or players in older games Like Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: World at War, Left 4 Dead 2 and other games that are difficult these days to find a oceanic region server. Its not always fun to have to play with overseas gamers due to latency being over 200+ causing lag issues. We want to get as many oceanic gamers involved with us and start a awesome community! Here are some of our qualities.

Australian & New Zealand Owned

We're mainly made up of Australian & New Zealand gamers, Although we allow internationals to get involved too.

TeamSpeak 3 Communication

We own a TeamSpeak 3 Server with high quality audio codecs in every room! It's also guarenteed to stay online 24/7 thanks to Faded Servers! / TeamSpeak Address: xtgcommunity.ddns.net

Dedicated Developers

XtG - Xtreme Technology Grade Development Team is willing to put hours and hours into fixing a bug until it is no longer in existance!

Friendly & Easy Going

We're friendly, easy going and mature. Get involved if you're sick of solo gaming and dealing with salty people!

Community Funding

We accept donations but these donations are soley for keeping our community alive, We don't depend on donations either.

Dedicated Servers

We only host on the best and on our own dedicated server, We don't buy game slot servers. They're bad, Only quality for XtG Community AU/NZ.

XtG Community Game Servers!

Hosting our own servers on popular games, High quality network. Just to make you feel at home with our selected games. We have developers that can make awesome custom content on all our servers giving you that thrill.


Arma 3 - Australia Life RPG HD

  • Server Launched: 30/9/17
  • Server Status: OFFLINE

Role play on Arma 3 as a civilian and earn a living in a normal life, police officer and pull over speeding drivers and catch wanted crooks, ambulance crew and help out fellow police officers in need of medical attention or civilian's that are injured to earn a great sum of cash or start up your own gang and take over a city! Rob banks!


Varsity Evolved RuneScape 3 EOC 830 Revision Private Server

  • Server Launched: 17/10/17
  • Server Status: OFFLINE

For months now XtG Development Team has been working on a framework of the 830 Matrix build of RuneScape 3 to bring a ultimate private server! Multiple worlds working, All player skills including dungeoneering. Complete Peer 2 Peer grand exchange! Many more!


Insurgency Vanilla 8 Slot CO-OP

  • Server Launched: 6/10/17
  • Server Status: OFFLINE

Insurgency CO-OP is a great game and we love the tactical RPG games there are and military simulations so we just had to make a server on this great game, pushing at 128 tick we guarentee your bullets will register!


Left 4 Dead 2 - Zombie Mayhem CO-OP Campaign Realism Expert

  • Server Launched: 23/9/17
  • Server Status: OFFLINE

Join the only Oceanic Region Left 4 Dead 2 dedicated server, XtG Community's Zombie Mayhem server is a 128 tick 20 player CO-OP realism expert difficulty campaign madness! With 20 bots on our server, we're sure you'll have some awesome zombie slaying fun!

Join XtG Community AU/NZ and embark on an epic adventure, A perfect oceanic open gaming community for you!