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How to fix "FormatException: An invalid IP address was specified" 7 Days 2 Die Dedicated Server

Elite IV

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Was searching google for quite a bit and found nothing but garbage on how to resolve this issue... Lol official 7 Days 2 Die developers saying that port might not be closed wait 5 minutes then start the server again... lmao really.


So to fix it, (well in my case that worked and should work for you as I've not done any modifications to my server and downloaded all server files from official steam cmd at 15/2/2020) you need to assign a property in the "serverconfig.xml" that's in the main directory of your 7 Days 2 Die server folder.


Paste this code just below the property "ServerDisabledNetworkingProtocols" ->

<property name="ServerIP" value="YOUR DEDICATED SERVER IP"/>

Hope this works for you as it did for me. If it doesn't maybe the below might help you but i doubt it. Also i don't think changing listening port will do anything for it either. But you can try. The error clearly states "FormatException: An invalid ip address" lol... not a "PortBindError" or some shit like that.


In the process of finding that solution this was what i did anyways... Don't do the stuff below, it's what i had to go through over a simple property that was not even included in the default serverconfig.xml.... like wow not even tabbed out with a comment saying something.

Switched networking mode SteamNetworking to LiteNetLib. - Nope...
Disabled IPV6 protocol on dedicated server networking settings. - Nope....
Assigned a new property to serverconfig.xml - "ServerIP" (was not included with default serverconfig.xml)  - FIXED 7:49 AM AEST 15/2/2020

searched all official 7 days 2 die forums and supporter groups including steam forums... nothing
Then i found a German website that was not English at all.... just saw the keyword "1.659 GamePref.ServerIP =" lol... SOURCE LINK HERE

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